Wednesday, November 27, 2013


                      SKIPPING TO GOOD HEALTH  

Exercise is the vital essence of human body. It can be in any form, may be swimming, rowing, aerobics, to give you better and all round body development. When we talk about ‘EXERCISE’, instantly our mind strikes of ‘muscular movement’, which helps in improving blood circulation and to strengthen the heart and skeleton, it involves oxygen intake and outdone known as ‘CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM’. Such kind of cardiovascular activity is ‘jumping through a skipping rope’.

    Jumping rope is an intense and effective activity. Skipping can actually tone the muscles of upper as well as lower body. Besides it promotes definition of abdominal muscles and reduces cellulite, such as marching and running in place while turning rope alongside your body. According to a research 10 min. of jumping is equal to 30 min. running at 6mph . It burns calories at a good pace of 150 lb for 120 times jump.
Rope jumping involves your co-ordination, speed and agility-which can vastly improves performance in other sports. Jumping rope is a
style workout thus developing power speed and endurance in your calves.
    If you are looking up for fat burning, try rope jumping in morning before your breakfast. Always give enough time for warm up and cool down, get to the principles of warming the muscles for few minutes before performing stretching with the group. Pay attention to arms, shoulders, neck and hamstrings. A list of minimum stretching would be:

·        Head swing
·        Shoulder roll
·        Arm stretch across chest, behind back and up top ceiling
·        Trunk twister Groin stretch
·        Calf stretch

Durgesh Ranakoti 
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
27 November 2013

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