Friday, November 8, 2013



In India the tulsi herb is worshipped as a sacred plant. It is a part of Indian households, typically grown in earthen pots in the family home of garden. It is also an important part of Indian’s holistic health system and because of its potential health benefits, it has been for centuries.

Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and contains hundreds of beneficial compounds known as photochemical. These compounds possess potential adaptogenic properties, which mean they help your body to adapt and resist stress, as well as immune –enhancing properties that may help promote your general health. It’s because of these numerous and wide- ranging benefits that I now recommend tulsi tea as a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee. But there was something else that really drew me t one company in particular, organic India this company, which manufacture original tulsi tea mix and Holy Basil capsules is committed to helping preserve and endeavour with Taj Mahal is evidence of that.

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